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(Society For Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity)
       The animal genetic resources are regarded today as being important to efforts that are designed to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of Indian agriculture on domestic and international markets. Realising the growing concern that urgent action is needed on the issue of conservation of farm animal genetic resources, a group of concerned professionals met, discussed and resolved to provide a platform to dedicated and enthusiastic conservationists. The establishment of the Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity (SOCDAB) with its headquarters at National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources in June, 1998 is the culmination of dedicated efforts of such professionals. Membership of the society has been growing continuously. The society organises a national symposium every year.


(International Society for Animal Genetics)
       The International Society and the International Foundation for Animal Genetics (ISAG and IFAG) evolved from a series of annual workshops for comparing methods for detecting red cell antigens and variants of proteins to a organization focusing on basic and applied research on molecular genetics. The Society and the Foundation support exchange of research ideas, results and applications by organizing conferences and workshops, comparison tests and publishing Animal Genetics, the official journal of the Foundation. From its beginning the Society has been recognized for its open and friendly character, providing a excellent plat-form for new and young scientists.

ISAG is a scientific society that provides a forum for the exchange of information and reagents between members.


(Indian Society of Animal Genetics and Breeding)
Society for Promotion of Sustainable use of Animal Genetic Resources and their Conservation in India.


(Animal Nutrition Society of India)
Animal Nutrition Society of India (ANSI) came into existence under the umbrella of Lord Venkateshwara at Tirupati during Animal Nutrition Research Worker’s Conference held at the College of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, APAU, in 1982. Thereafter, the society grew exponentially over the years. It has assumed the role of an apex body for the animal nutrition research and its application on the farm/ field and feed industry, with regard to feeding of animals and laying of feeding standards for the different categories of livestock. Today, the society has about 900 plus members coming from National Research Institutes, State Agricultural Universities, Feed Industries, Cooperatives, Corporate bodies, NGO’s, Private Institutions and abroad.


(Indian Poultry Science Association)
Indian Poultry Science Association (IPSA) is a registered society (Registration No. 875/ 1989-90) providesa common interactive platform for researchers, scholars, poultry business houses, professionals and others aligned to poultry sector persuit of socially attractive, environmentally green and economically viable technologies for welfare of poultry fraternity.
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